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Slow Jigs Tips & Techniques

Lucanus jigs are making their mark:

The Lucanus Jig System from Shimano is an exciting new approach to catching fish. Fish are literally hooking themselves - using a technique that can be very slow in method but very hot on action!

We’ve started to sell a lot of Lucanus jigs recently as more and more anglers catch on to how effective they can be – especially at this time of year!

Tackle is important, Braid is essential with long leader, around 20 feet is recommended, either Fluorocarbon or Monofilament, each has their advantages, and a long rod with just the right action, minimum 7 foot preferably 8 foot is vital as the Snapper chew their way up the Slow jig, until the smaller hooks catch them, so the rod must bend down to the fish without undue pressure while this happens, and the drag must be set quite light, to allow the fish to turn away with its meal.

This cannot happen with the heavier weights with a conventional softbait set as the rod is too light and will be half loaded, or have too stiff an action to be of any use.

We are selling a number of specially designed Shimano Lucanus rod and reel sets, from $299.99, right up to the top of the line Lucanus Calcutta/T curve set at $1,099 saving $150.

Addtional Information On Slow Jigging

The Slow Jig is the exciting approach to catching bottom species during the cold water season when fish are not so active

  • Aerodynamic head design lets it sink quickly to the bottom and stabilize the jig when it is retrieved.
  • Dual eyelet design allows the bottom eyelet to be used to tie the line with a sinker for fast current condition.
  • Glow eyes or bodies for extra appeal in the deep water.
  • Multiple hook system provides higher hook-up ratio.
  • Durable silicon skirts and trailers wobble and vibrate during the jig movement.

This link takes you to a clip on YouTube & covers the development and fishing style of the Shimano Lucanus Jig but is generic for this type of lure.

What is a Lucanus or Slow Jig?

Only recently did recreational anglers of Japan uncover the commercial angler's secret of the Snapper Rubber Jig which results in the successful catching of red snapper. Since the discovery, recreational anglers modified the jig to make it the hottest technique in Japan to date.

Shimano began researching this technique and developed the U.S. version of the jig and technique necessary for the U.S. waters and called this the Lucanus Jig.

Why Fish Shimano Lucanus or Daiwa Bay Rubber  Jigs?

  • Enhance sportfishing
  • Bottom fishing with heavy tackle and cut-baits can be laboring and time consuming; however. Lucanus takes the labor out of sportfishing and provides you the freedom of fishing without the need for live bait.
  • Fish all season, each season
  • The slow is effective in each season but performs the best in cold water conditions when fish aren't so active.
  • Easy to fish with
  • The slow jig is an easy and simple style of bottom fishing with light tackle. Unlike the long jigging technique's with it's quick up and down motion, the slow jig technique is a slow up and down motion a few feet over the bottom.
  • Fun to fish with
  • Fish bites are visible and can be felt directly through the soft rod tip guaranteeing anglers excitement and enjoyment.

Lucanus/Slow Jig Technique


Images courtesy of Shimano.

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